Staff By Position

Creator, Field Recording, Writer, Editor

Julian Crandall Hollick (1980 - present) All projects.

Field Recording, Editing, Mix Engineers

Fernando Ruiz del Prado (1993-present):engineer and producer on Apna Street, Monsoon, Living Islam.

Dean Cappello (1989-1992): engineer and producer on Passages of India, Gamv, Letters from Jitvapur, Calcutta, Narmada Dam; remix on 1990 World of Islam

Peter Storkerson (1984): engineer World of Islam

Sam Negri (1985-1989): engineer Berlin Quintet, Passages to India

Assistant Engineers

Tina Morris

Assistant Producers

Shebana Coelho (Living Islam)

Anisa Mehdi (Living Islam)

Indu Agarwal (Monsoon)

Raja Chatterjee (Passages to India, Gamv, Ganga)

Rana Behal (Passages to India, Gamv)

Ibrahim al-Moussawi (Living Islam)

Web Development

Jonathan Williams, interactive web designer and programmer.

Martine Crandall-Hollick: web master and developer.

Scientists - Ganges

Emma Tomalin (Ganga)

Graham Chapman (Ganga)


Meran Sabry (Living Islam)

Toufique Khan (Living Islam)

Composer & Performers

Shubha Sankaran (Passages to India, Monsoon, Ganga)

Radhika Sarin (Monsoon, Ganga)


Bijoy Tivari


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