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Letters 3-4

3: "Pa'an Wallahs and Chai Wallahs"

Two of the great social institutions in all of India are pa'an (betelnut) chewing and drinking innumerable cups of chai", or sweet milk tea.There are no stores in Jitvapur, with two exceptions--Sudesh Jha's Pa'an shop and Janak Mandal's chai stall, both strategically placed at the entrance to the village. (12:30 minutes)


4: "Binda Devi and Rodi Paswan"

This part of India is very traditional and like most villages, Jitvapur is composed of many castes, who live each in their self-contained compound. They rarely meet socially. Although it's illegal the Brahmins still won't allow the Dalits of Untouchables at the bottom of the social pile to worship at the Kali Temple or enter their homes. Julian discusses the slow pace of social change and the persistence of caste discrimination with two Dalits- Binda Devi and her son Rodi Paswan. (14:00 minutes)